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Southfork Survival School - How to build a fireOur survival school is held at the Southfork River Ranch, a five star fishing lodge and guest ranch.

The seven day survival skills course is held each week May through October from mid day Saturday through the following Saturday morning. At SSS our focus is to teach our students fundamental skills that will build their confidence and allow them to deal with most survival situations with effective positive results.

We offer a unique blend of wilderness and urban survival techniques and methodologies.

Hands-On Training in firearms familiarity, safety and shooting skillsStarting a fire and building a shelter are covered in our survival school training.
Courses include Shelter building, fire starting, water, and food management techniques

Our classes are small, 6 to 10 students and provide many one on one training scenarios. Our course is basically a twelve hour learning experience per day.

We will have three meals per day approx. 3500 calories primarily indigenous plants and animals. All cooking is outdoors with open fire. Sleeping will be in individual single pack tents or self made shelters during your two day roughing it experience.

Times spent on each activity will be adjusted to meet the needs of the group and or individuals.

Our goal is to make this an intense but comfortable learning experience. We believe that you don’t have to be miserable, tired, cold, sleep deprived, hungry and or thirsty to learn survival.

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